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Flax Seed Oil 350ml

  • Brand:  Higher Nature
  • Product Code:  HN-OEFL350
  • Availability:  In Stock

Flax Seed Oil

Higher Nature

Founded in 1994 by pioneering British nutrition experts Brian and Celia Wright, Higher Nature is committed to providing the best, and most effective, natural supplements on the market. Starting as a small operation from their home in the Sussex countryside, Brian and Celia developed formulas based on the latest scientific research. Today, Higher Nature’s products continue to be developed by nutritionists, and are completely free from artificial colours, preservatives, and sweeteners. Flax Seed Oil, along with all of Higher Nature’s products, uses only the best ethically sourced ingredients from around the world, so not only are you getting the highest possible quality product, you’re also getting peace of mind.

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