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Favourite Vegetables

We only list our most popular, essential fruit and veg here. A much larger range is available in store. To add to your order, please request at checkout.

See also, favourite fruit.

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Potatoes - 500g Potatoes - 500g
 Versatile enough for chipping, boiling, frying and mashing.
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Courgettes - 250g Courgettes - 250g
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Broccoli - 500g Broccoli - 500g
Raw broccoli contains as much calcium as whole milk. Add raw to salads or steamed broccoli goes well with almost every d…
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Carrots - 500g Carrots - 500g
Delicious cooked or used raw in salads. Many of the carrot's nutrients are found just under the peel so it's bes…
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Cucumbers Cucumbers
Slice em, dice em.
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Mixed Shoots - 200g Mixed Shoots - 200g
A tasty organic mix of mung bean, green and brown lentil, aduki bean and chickpea. Packed with taste and nutrition, add …
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Onions - 500g Onions - 500g
Indispensable in the kitchen, onions can be steamed, fried, baked or used raw in salads.
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Red Onions - 250g Red Onions - 250g
With a mild and sweet flavour, red onions can be eaten raw, add colour to salads or lightly cooked with other foods.…
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Red Peppers x 2 Red Peppers x 2
Bell peppers or capsicums are rich in vitamins A, B and C. Eaten raw they maintain 40% more nutrients than when cooked. …
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Sweet Potatoes - 500g Sweet Potatoes - 500g
Despite only related to the potato, the sweet potato can be roasted, mashed or boiled like the humble spud but has a swe…
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Vine Tomatoes - 250g Vine Tomatoes - 250g
Tomatoes are used in more soups, drunk in more juices, added to more salads and spread on more pizzas than any other veg…
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