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Favourite Fruit

We only list our most popular, essential fruit and veg here. A much larger range is available in store. To add to your order, please request at checkout.

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Seville Oranges 500g Seville Oranges 500g
Organic Seville oranges, perfect for home-made marmalade and in season now. Takes a little time but just needs oranges, …
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Apples x5 Apples x5
Crisp and sweet, the best apples in season at the moment.
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Avocados Avocados
Technically a fruit, avocados are creamy, almost buttery and have a mild, nutty flavour. Excellent addition to salads or…
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Bananas - 500g Bananas - 500g
The nation's most popular fruit! A good source of fibre, vitamin C and potassium and an instant energy boost.
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Lemons - singles Lemons - singles
An essential kitchen ingredient whether for garnishing, zesting, juicing or putting in a gin and tonic.
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Oranges - singles Oranges - singles
Juicy and sweet, rich in vitamin C. During the autumn and winter months, oranges are sourced from Italy and Spain while …
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