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White Loaf Unsliced - 800g

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White Loaf Unsliced - 800g

Product Information

Organic stoneground white tin made with long fermentation.




The Authentic Bread Company is an award-winning organic bakery in Gloucestershire that believes passionately in making great-tasting organic bread.




Flour is mixed with water, yeast, sunflower oil and salt. Then, unlike modern methods using flour improvers, the dough is left to ferment naturally.




After fermentation the dough is divided, weighed to the correct size and left to ferment again.




The dough pieces are again hand kneaded and formed into loaves.




Final touches are applied ebfore the bread is placed in proving cabinets and allowed to rise.




The proved loaves are then baked in a large oven where steam can be injected to form a fine crust.

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