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Kingfisher Mint Toothpaste with Fluoride 100ml

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Kingfisher Mint Toothpaste with Fluoride 100ml

Product Information

Kingfisher Natural Toothpaste is the UK’s leading brand of natural toothpaste. It contains no artificial colourings, flavourings, sweeteners or preservatives. Instead, they use natural ingredients. Real fennel and real lemons, for example.

Ingredients source function

calcium carbonate chalk gentle abrasive


glycerin vegetable  moisture retention


aqua purified water moistener


sodium lauryl sulfate palm oil stabilizer


hydrated silica natural ore structuring agent


cellulose gum plant fibre thickener


sodium monofluorophosphate calcium fluoride helps to prevent tooth decay


mentha piperita peppermint fresh taste


citrus limonum lemons fresh taste


foeniculum vulgare fennel fresh taste


limonene fennel fresh taste


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Product Code: KINP52
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