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Baking Requisites

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Community Vegetable Suet - 250g Community Vegetable Suet - 250g
Ingredients: vegetable oil (85%) and rice flour.
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Doves Farm Baking Powder 130g Doves Farm Baking Powder 130g
 Essential baking ingredient for adding to plain flour when making cakes, scones, puddings and all sorts of delicio…
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Doves Quick Yeast - 125g Doves Quick Yeast - 125g
Instant yeast in resealable pack for bread machines and baking.
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ogran No egg  (egg replacer) ogran No egg (egg replacer)
Gluten, egg, yeast and dairy free. Use 1 teaspoon of egg replacer instead of one egg. Ingredients: soy protein isolate, …
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Xanthan Gum - 100g Xanthan Gum - 100g
Gluten substitute for coeliacs ideal for gluten free breadmaking.
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